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Custom Website Development

Unique and personalized experiences that stand out from the competition

What is Custom Website Development?

The process of designing and engineering a collection of unique, functional, and performant web pages.

A unique website for unique user experiences

Get the most out of your web presence

Custom websites are generally developed for companies, individuals, non-profits, or other types of organizations that want to showcase their products and services on the internet. However, the variations, styles, and functionalities of custom websites that are built today are endless. Custom website development can be utilized for a highly unique single page application, or a progressive website with hundreds of pages, incorporated API’s, and other distinct modules and features that create unique user experiences.

Asymm designer crafting a custom website for a unique user experience
software engineers in a meeting with clients

Website options

To standardize or customize

A large majority of websites on the internet today are built on website builder or e-commerce platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Big Commerce, Shopify, or others platforms. These platforms and builders offer really efficient solutions for rapid development and quick functionality for customers. Most of these platforms offer templates that can be customized to some degree to align with brand and style guidelines, and easily configurable plugins to provide functionality to users. These platforms offer great solutions for a wide range of businesses and use cases, but also have their shortcomings in terms of scalability, functionality, uniqueness, and user experience.

Benefits of Custom Website Development

So what are the differences between a custom website solution and a website built from a template on a platform?

Distinct funtionality

Features and functionality for growth

Most notably, the difference between a website that is made on a platform like squarespace, or WIX versus a custom developed website, is in the design and ability to develop distinct functionality to customize the user experience. While platform based websites offer some great features out of the box, they can often be limiting when it comes to developing more complex and robust functionality into a website such as logic, integrations, and other business functionality.

custom website development engineers working on an app features
woman using an application on a computer to pay for a service

About website generators

How they work

Website generators and platforms have great use cases for simple to medium complex implementations. They can generally accommodate moderate custom design, selling products easily with E-commerce channels, pre-made integrations, and other out of the box features such as customer reviews, integrated CMS sections, and other ready to go tooling.

Web development solutions

Platforms and architectures

Oftentimes, we’ll suggest to clients that they would benefit in a number of ways from developing a website on a platform such as wordpress - it’s efficient and can be quick and cost effective to make. But we also explain the other custom website development architectures and solutions that use technologies such as:

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Website Development Solutions

Business objectives

Long-term goals as a priority

Each technology option has its own specific functionality, use case, and respective pros and cons. Picking a website architecture and solution really depends on the customers objectives and long term strategic goals for the website and it’s user’s experience. Other important factors that are important to consider when choosing between different website architectures include the skills your current team has to manage the website, your budget, time frame, desired design system, and comfort level with relatively new technologies.

person visiting a website on a computer
people viewing a custom website developed for a mobile device

Our process for custom website development

Like most other custom software development, building a custom website usually starts with understanding the goals, objectives, scope, and strategy of the project. We like to ask questions like who’s going to use it, what devices will they be using it on, what functionality do you want to offer your customers, etc. Once we start to get a good understanding of the product that you’d like to build, we can start recommending the appropriate architectures and ways to build a product. As a company that develops many types of custom software, we aren’t partial to one type of solution or platform, but rather we want to recommend and build the most fitting and effective solution that aligns with your technological comfort and preferences.

Web Solutions and Services for All Types of Businesses

Understanding the customer

Defining business goals

Our process generally starts with understanding the goals from either a senior product manager, marketing manager, or other strategic stakeholder that is leading the project either from a marketing perspective or a digital transformation perspective.

people in a virtual meeting talking about their business goals

Our Goal is to Understand Certain Items such as:

Develop and incorporate functionality

Which features to consider?

Custom website development makes the most sense for a project that needs extensive functionality or distinct customization for a personalized and unique customer experience. Custom websites can also use specific technologies to craft a solution that will be sustainable and scalable as the business grows. For example, the website you visit to book your next flight is considerably different in architecture, functionality, and security, than the website you visit to order your favorite T-shirt from.

Why Develop Your Custom Website with Us?

Strategic goals

Stand out from the competition

Asymm has extensive experience with custom website development as well as developing web applications that are full of rich design, unique user experiences, and features that make a difference to users. In today’s highly competitive digital world where businesses need to stand out, a uniquely designed user interface and effective user experience makes a considerable difference.

a couple using a computer to pay for a service
Asymm offers custom website development services through experienced professionals

Assessment and implementation

We have tailored solutions and services

Here at Asymm we’ve had the chance to design and develop custom web solutions for a wide variety of clients that are currently in production and being used by hundreds of thousands of users. If you want to learn more about the different types of options for custom website development, and the various architectures, features, and options you have, schedule a call with us.