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Frequently Asked Questions

We're a full-service software development agency that specializes in delivering tailored digital experience to our client's users

Yes we do. This process can take anywhere from one week to several weeks depending on how large and complex a project is.  Sometimes we spend weeks working with potential clients to understand their goals and requirements. During this period, we work together to outline a project and craft a proposal with a considerable amount of detail for our potential customer. Our goal here is to thoroughly understand the project at hand.

A few of the key benefits of working with us are:

  1. Access to a diverse talent pool
  2. Accelerating your product roadmap with engineering augmentation
  3. Cost savings by developing your software nearshore

We prefer long term engagements that are typically over 3 months, but if you have a very specific project with defined requirements and simple implementation instructions, we’re always happy to have a conversation and see if it’s a good fit for both companies.

Software development is our core service that we provide to our clients. Very closely related to our development capabilities are our design services. We have experienced UX researchers, product managers, product designers that help our clients conceptualize and wireframe new software projects. Also on our team are quality assurance engineers. With that being said, our heavy lifting is generally custom software development - and in that are many speciality professionals that contribute.

Asymm has delivered over 15 projects over two and a half years. All of these projects have been web-based and are for a wider range of clients in different industries and verticals.