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We deliver end-to-end digital solutions for successful business outcomes

Software Development and Technical Staffing Services for Companies

Values and value

Partners in Technology

Founded in 2020 by partners Eric Chen and Ari Lew, Asymm was born out of the idea to deliver high quality bespoke software development services. The business started with the co-founders working with friend’s companies and word of mouth of reliable development services spread. The business model quickly proved itself, as there is no misunderstanding that companies today are always looking for technology oriented people with both the strategic and operational skills to launch new software products and orchestrate digital transformations.

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So why Choose Asymm as a Digital Transformation or Nearshore Partner?

Intellectual property protection

With our flexible engagements, we’re able to help companies by delivering economically through nearshore staff augmentation and specific development projects with our in-house team of software development professionals.


Cultural compatibility

We’re easy to get along with! One of our driving motto’s is to always be helpful, whether that’s to teammates or clients. Our goal is to collaborate and drive progress for anyone we work with. We’re always happy to create meetings, sessions, reviews, retrospectives, and other.


Reduce Labor and operating costs

With our flexible engagements, we’re able to help companies by delivering economically through nearshore staff augmentation and specific development projects with our in-house team of software development professionals.


Reliable, efficient, and available

Our client’s approach us with a “problem” or idea that we deliver solutions for. We take a lot of pride in developing solutions, and taking the time to do it right. Our development processes and resource management practices are constantly evolving so we’re efficient and available when the next organization needs us.


California and Mexico based

Our company is based in both California and Mexico, allowing us and our clients to leverage talent pools to deliver product and augment teams with economic advantages.


Proven track record across projects and technologies

Since our founding, we’ve been able to work on a number of different projects for clients in several industries with unique products and technology stacks. Some use modern frameworks, while others are maintaining legacy systems. We tailor solutions to each organization’s unique needs and technology roadmaps.


Experienced management and delivery teams

Our team is made up of product and engineering professionals that care about quality and client satisfaction. Our team members have shipped numerous projects and large features into production and are ready to do it again.


Flexible engagements and compatible teams

At Asymm, we work with companies in several different ways. Some need a solution from start to finish, while other companies need specific services and engagements with limited scope. We structure proposals and engagement based on your needs and tailor each approach to our client’s in order to make it work.

Asymm software engineer team coding solutions

Our goal

To solve challenging business problems with software

Since the company's inception, Asymm has been able to launch a myriad of successful custom software solutions for its growing client base in various industries. These solutions range from web to mobile applications to machine learning solutions that speed up and automate business processes.

Trusted Clients

Developing software with Asymm


Asymm helped us develop our insurance platform for the malpractice liability industry. Their agile approach and ability to design, develop, and manage, meant that I use their team for several projects at once.

Philip Cabaud, CEO, NOW Insurance


Asymm redesigned and developer websites for three of our brands. They brought experience, strategy, and integraded third party services into our websites to improve our digital experience for our customers.

Jesse Bugarin, President, Cannon Security Products


The Asymm team helps our compamy with various full-stack projects spanning maintenance operations to complete new builds. Their reliabiltity and breadth of services enables us to serve more clients.

Serena Chew, Partner, Igicom


Asymm helped us redesign our website which is essential to our sales process. Their creativity, organization, and ability to understand our business stood out to me as they created our design system and organized our content into an improved user experience.

Megan R, Marketing Manager, NAPS


Asymm built our core API, allowing us to offer data to our customers seamlessley and efficently. Their software expertise enabled us to aquire a new customer and develop a new product on top of our data infastructure and analytics platform.

Scott Burklund, Chief Information Officer, Preverity


Asymm upgraded our organization's web application to ensure we were running the latest version of our framework and libraries. Working with them was easy and they were able to deliver a much needed upgrade on budget.

Kelley Kessel, National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts

Why we stand out

Leverage our operation, expertise, and talent

Asymm is a software development company that helps its clients in diverse industries execute digital transformations or augment their software engineering staff with our nearshore services. There are many companies like Asymm that offer similar services and software development capabilities...

Asymm fron end engineers creating custom software solutions

Technology Solutions and Staffing Services Tailored for Our Clients


Preparation and planning

Scale your team with a partner, not a contractor

Asymm has two operating models that fit various types of companies depending on a company’s internal team, capacity, ability, and preferences. Asymm helps its potential clients understand the differences between these two operating models, so they can make the right decision based on their own criteria for their future technology development.

Asymm partners outsource their projects because their services include design, management, QA, and other critical responsibilities

Outsourced Projects

With outsourced projects, our clients rely on us for the heavy lifting. This means that they are usually involved in high level decision making, product direction, creative strategy, and so forth, but leave the complete software development cycle to Asymm, including design, management, QA, and other critical responsibilities.

Asymm's nearshore staff augmentation model enables clients to lead their own projects through Asymm's expert services

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Team augmentation, also known as nearshore staff augmentation, is a model in which our clients lead their own projects but use us as a force to help accelerate and deliver their projects under their management.

Software Services and Solutions

Technology, design experience and execution

Product Requirements

Data driven design focussed on the user experience

UX Research

Get user target insights to deliver user-centric products

UI Design

Create intuitive, engaging and and easy to use interfaces for your users 

Software Development

Full-stack application development with modern technologies

Quality Assurance

Manual and automated testing for uptime and reliability

Infrastructure and DevOps

Hosting, management, and continuous improvement for scale

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