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Digital Prototypes

We help your business develop products and validate ideas through digital prototypes

Digital Prototypes Made for Product Validation and Feedback Within the Software Development Lifecycle

to facilitate feedback, iteration, and product-market fit validation.

Designer checking the correct functioning of a digital prototype

Insights before investment

Cost-effective product development

Design prototypes are critical to identifying and solving user pain points by leveraging target users and collecting real data and feedback through usability tests. Prototypes are also used externally to align stakeholders on high fidelity software product development and to visualize the human and software product interaction in a controlled environment. Design prototypes are a cost-effective tool used to optimize a user’s experience during the design process before the product enters its engineering and development phase.

What is a Digital Prototype?

A digital prototype is an early model and high fidelity version of a final product that is built to test before launch by a product design team

Realistic product simulations to drive decisions

Validation before engineering

The purpose of building a digital prototype is to validate design assumptions and give stakeholders a reliable and almost identical idea of how a final product will look before the product is engineered. Prototypes allow designers to test how users will move and interact between actions, if tasks are achieved or not, or identify potential issues that could hinder the user experience, and desired business outcomes for a software product before it’s developed.

Asymm product designer creating digital prototypes

Our Design Process

Using prototypes in a design process to drive feedback, alignment, and decisions

Why are Digital Prototypes Important During the Design Process?

Realistic assets for interactive visualization

UI designer checking the requirements of a digital prototype


Prototypes help to show stakeholders and users how the final product will look and function, creating an identical representation of a newly designed or revamped digital experience


Target users interact with the product during usability tests and highlight areas where improvement and change is needed. Our UI design team optimizes designs until a great user experience is achieved, aligning stakeholders and processing feedback throughout.

Alignment and confirmation

With digital prototyping, a software product can be easily understood by both technical and non-technical teams and stakeholders, thus facilitating product conversation that is both high-level and specific shared by the decision makers in the room.

Partner with us

Schedule a call to learn more about our digital prototyping process and how it helps companies deliver high quality and interactive demos of their products.

What are the Benefits of Digital Prototyping?

Renderings that drive product success

Why Choose Asymm for Digital Prototypes

Creativity and functionality through research and data

Our process, driven by experience

Knowledge-based experiences

At Asymm, prototypes are a critical part of our design process. They are used to test the user experience of the product we are creating. We are experienced in creating digital experiences for our clients' customers from end to end, and strongly believe in transparency and collaborative design processes. We help to conceptualize, design and realize products for our clients with the goal of solving the needs of your customers and users.

Designer checking the functionality of the digital prototype
Young man using an application designed by Asymm

Leverage your product's potential

Through design prototypes, we help your business gain real insights and validate ideas, iterating and adjusting product needs to reach purpose. Although design prototypes are only a part of our design methodology, they present crucial benefits to both businesses and users. To learn more about how we help deliver functional prototypes for your company, schedule a call with us.