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UX Research

We create products designed to make the user experience efficient, pleasant and unique.

You’ve certainly heard the term before...

What is UX Research, and What Does a UX Research Company Do?

Understanding UX Research

UX research in short, is the process of understanding the challenges of users when operating any type of product or service, and in our case its software. This process of understanding and uncovering the issues a user has with a specific software product is then used as the foundation for designing, innovating, and improving new software products for that same user and their demographic alike.

As a UX research company, we implement a breadth of UX principles, best practices, and services for our clients that drive our process in understanding how a user interacts with a piece of software as the groundwork for designing new software development products and applications.

UX research explaing to the team the insights from user interviews
ux research involves the analysis of quantitative data

Qualitative and quantitative data

The importance of UX research

UX research is a very interdisciplinary field that is relatively new to the overarching modern software development process. UX research takes into account large amounts of data, ranging from interview insights to demographic data - including age, profile, interests, dispositions, etc. Collecting and analyzing these large, qualitative and quantitative data allows us to understand what motivates users, what their interests are, and what software products they are already might be comfortable with.

Our UX Design Principles

Here are some of the main UX principles that we prioritize in our research and design process as a UX research company:

A global solution

A user experience for every platform

As a UX research company, we can design products that users will feel familiar with using and enjoy using for extended periods of time, whether it’s a mobile application, custom website, or internal tool for a company that is used on a daily basis by hundreds of people. Companies hire us as a UX research company to uncover insights and turn data into products that create downstream business effects, such as increased user retention, increased purchases, and other user actions that grow businesses.

At Asymm we enhace the user experience of every application we redesign

Partner with us

Schedule a call with a UX research consultant to learn more about our UX research process and how it improves your product user experience.

A user centered methodology

Analysis & deliverables

As a UX research company, we often find ourselves explaining to customers the business value they gain by conducting UX research. We focus on demystifying UX goals to our clients by showing the value they gain from further understanding their user’s perspectives, problems and needs. Once we comprehensively understand our clients’ users and the information we collect and analyze, we’re able to produce the following deliverables for our clients:

Our UX research team understands insights before designing

Analysis and findings

Understanding the insights

These deliverables help both us and our clients to gain access to the final user’s needs, thoughts, pains, gains and the environment in which they make use of the products of their interst. Naturally, this vision leads us to the product design stage. Our product design processes use these UX deliverables to create new and informed product designs based on data, insights, and research.

Why Work with Asymm as a UX Research Company?

Experience with diverse industries

Asymm has significant experience in the UX research field - our past projects include diving into the research of many types of software applications including mobile apps design, enterprise software, web-applications, and more. Our diverse exposure to different software is a reflection of our understanding of businesses and their use cases for different technology applications. Our UX research consultants get their hands dirty with the nuances of business processes and models to really understand users and what they need in a software product.

ux lead explaining research results a business partner
At Asymm we keep the business goals on top of mind during our ux research

Business goals on top of mind

While UX research is primarily centered around how a user navigates and interacts with a platform, there is tremendous influence that the user experience has over a specific business-customer relationship. Our experience working with B2B service companies, SaaS companies, Consumer Brand companies, and others alike allows us to really understand business goals and UX goals alike in order to align them and prioritize strategic technology goals for our clients.

What We Bring to the Table

A strategy that begins by understanding your user and ends by achieving your business goals

User driven products

Empathize with the users

The user experience is the culmination of feelings and emotions the user goes through when using a product and our goal has been and always will be to deeply understand user goals as a foundation for product design and development. Schedule a call with us to meet some of our UX research consultants and product design team members.

empathizing with users is a consideration we take during user interviews