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QA Manual Testing

QA manual testing ensures that applications function as expected and users are satisfied.

QA Manual Testing

Isolate and identify flaws in the design and implementation of a system

What is QA manual testing?

Meet your product expectations

QA manual testing is a type of software testing that typically involves a QA engineer manually going through an application to find bugs and verify that features are working as expected. Manual testers use specialized tools and techniques for managing and executing their tasks, often following test plans to ensure that no bug goes undetected in a production environment. Manual Testing can be run as part of a product development lifecycle or as an isolated process, once a software product is ready for testing.

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Manual testing within a QA strategy

How does QA manual testing help?

When done correctly as part of the product development lifecycle, manual testers are included in several phases of development and test features at various stages, making their role extremely important in the successful production deployment of newly developed software. QA manual testing is a way to validate one or more requirements, and It is seen as a method of software quality testing that tries to replicate the user's actions and environment to test all potential path(s) through the software application.

Variables to consider

Understand product expectations

A quality assurance developer that’s undertaking QA manual testing should have a very clear idea of the the software product including the desired user experience of the core functionality, the demographics that the product is intended to serve, the hardware they will be using it on, and other variables that are critical to the successful testing of a new product.

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Who is QA Manual Testing For?

QA manual testing is utilized across the board at many types of technology and services companies that use software products.

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Companies evaluating existing product performance

Manual Testing is convenient for companies using both manual and automated quality assurance processes to ensure they’re able to rely on their software products. These companies often depend on their software to make critical decisions, and need to have confidence that the software is performing as expected whether it’s internally used or being used by thousands of users.

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Companies at early development stages

Manual Testing can be especially useful for companies in the early development and beta stages of releasing a new application or product. Manual testing QA can be useful to ensure that quality standards are set and that someone with the necessary skill set is specifically devoted to testing and ensuring the quality standard.

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QA Manual Testing Use Cases

What types of problems does manual testing QA solve and where can it be used?

Mobile Manual Testing

We use the manual testing process to ensure that mobile apps are compatible with various mobile devices and the latest operating systems. Manually testing for compatibility will ensure the functionality of an app on a variety of mobile devices versions (iPhone 7,8 ,XR, etc) allowing the intended audience and user base to utilize the features and functionality on the mobile application no matter what device and operating system they’re running. Our manual test team produces test reports on the mobile app’s performance and compatibility, documenting bugs across different environments and reproducing these bugs to allow a development team to fix them. Manual testing mobile applications once they are finished with development is essential to producing a reliable and consistent app for different users on a variety of devices.


Website and web application manual testing

Manual testing QA processes are also important for websites and web applications. Similar to testing mobile applications, websites and web applications can be run on different browsers, and viewed in different screen sizes. Manual QA is important to ensure consistent user experiences across screen sizes and functionality across browsers for your customer or user base. For example, bugs can be found in the latest version of safari for a web-application, but will be undetectable in other browsers and versions. Our manual qa team tests for consistency issues, as well as other issues that commonly are found in websites and applications including testing API’s, performance issues, forms, and other functionality that is essential to your users experience.


Desktop application Testing

Desktop applications also require manual QA testing. Desktop applications are different than both mobile applications and web-based applications meaning the present unique testing opportunities and respective issues with desktop application testing, our main concern is the end user’s experience and functionality across operating systems. Our manual testers use manual testing techniques to test both MacOS and Windows desktop applications, ensuring consistency across updates and reliability across hardware. By executing the software or application, they check that it works as intended, often using frameworks such as selenium to generate test cases to find bugs in the application and release software free from errors and bugs.


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How Can QA Manual Testing Help Your Business?

There are many benefits of QA manual Testing. They include:

Our QA manual testing service allows you to choose the necessary needs of your project. This is a very flexible solution that emphasizes customer satisfaction and quality and can be tailored to your product, timeline, and specific quality assurance requirements and needs.

Why use Asymm for Manual Quality Assurance service

Leverage your product potential by creating a tested and streamlined software solution

Why use Asymm for QA Manual Testing?

Test your application to improve the product efficiently with manual testing.

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Testing professionals

QA manual testing is one of the essential techniques for software testing. It is an excellent way to save valuable time and money. QA manual testing will help your company be more efficient and improve the quality of your product or service. Our company has a well-trained team of manual testing professionals who know how to test your application to find issues within your product.

Our evaluation techniques

Enhancing your product’s performance

Our team’s processes and practices ensure that our testing plans and executions meet the requirements set by your organization. By investing in our manual testing services, you'll be able to ensure that your application functions properly and users are satisfied with both the performance and reliability of your product.

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