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Product development

We help companies evolve the design and functionality of custom software products

Software Product Development

Custom solutions to drive the inner-workings of businesses

Custom product development

Solutions, powered by research, strategy and design

Companies today are always developing new software products for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because they need a tool internally to drive efficiency or to give their customers a new digital experience for marketing or retention purposes. Custom software product development is one of our core services when helping a customer decide to invest in proprietary software products and technology.

Software Product Development
Software Product Development

Features and functionality

Defining "the build"

Software product development is one of the first phases of building a new software product, and it happens before the design and engineering phase. Product development can be defined as the strategic and operational services undertaken to analyze the feasibility and functionality of a software product that you are planning to invest in.

Our collaborative process

Product Development Services

How we start

Strategy and requirements

We usually start off by understanding the needs of the company, current business circumstances, strategic technology goals, and other high level ideas that might inform our analysis - This helps us understand the feasibility, scope, and goals of the software product so we can make our professional product development recommendations. Our product development deliverables include documents, descriptions, charts, and low-detail designs that help a client imagine the software product’s characteristics and capabilities.

Software Product Development
Software Product Development

Our method

Leveraging information

We approach designing and developing a product with this type of staged and analytical process to ensure that our customers are satisfied with us as a partner while creating their product roadmap and specifications. Here’s an overview of the first steps we take in the software product development process:

The cornerstone of a project’s success

We’re able to balance business requirements and functionality with designs that encourage the user to interact with the software product we build, efficiently and with ease.

Software Product Development

Determine and solve your business problems

The product development phase of a project encompasses many smaller tasks and methods that eventually lead up to and determine the quality of the user experience once a software product is in production and being used by thousands or millions of users. By approaching business problems with unique, beautiful, and functional designs for software products, we’re able to create distinguished solutions for our clients versus suggesting they use out of the box software or a solution that might not fit their exact specifications and performance requirements.

Benchmarks and analysis

Understanding the competition

Whether the software product is a mobile app for a direct to consumer product business, or an application for a B2B services company, we always start by looking at benchmarks of industry leaders and identify products in production that we can refer to and use as references.

Software Product Development

Partner with us

Schedule a call to learn more about product development from a product manager and how we recommend solutions for businesses.

How we collaborate

Product Design and Development Process

Software Product Development

Breaking big problems down

Solving problems one by one

While Product development seems challenging and large at first, the best strategy is to break an idea for a project or product into smaller pieces to conceptualize and think through one at a time. Our team helps clients by dissecting requirements into bite size pieces of work that we usually refer to as tickets. This process of distilling large pieces of work into tickets helps us understand, estimate, and plan the design process of building new software for our clients.

Product development deliverables

Throughout this product development phase, we also focus on communicating any challenges, problems, and bottlenecks we see in the development of the product at hand - ensuring transparency and insight for our clients into our process. Here are the deliverables that we create during a typical product development and design process while collaborating with clients on new product development.

Client feedback and interaction

Our process allows our clients to be involved in the product development process as much or as little as they want

Software Product Development

Iterative feedback and continuous improvement

We encourage constant and quick feedback from our clients so we can test, iterate, and improve on concepts, feature lists, and designs rapidly. A typical project client relationship will usually involve Asymm hosting a product development and design review meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to go over new wireframes, mockups, or other progress we’ve made that we want the client to review and provide feedback on.

Client involvement

Direct collaboration

Getting feedback from our clients during the design phase is one of the most important factors of product development success. Thoughtful feedback allows us to evolve our designs for our clients and hand the best possible product blueprint over to our engineering teams.

Software Product Development
Software Product Development

We benefit from our experience

Our Software Product Development Capabilities

Our team brings to the table the ability to conceptualize, plan, and design several different types of new software products for a variety of use cases, businesses, customers, and demographics. Our experience and capabilities in product design and development spans the following product types:

Why develop a product with us

The Asymm product design team has years of combined experience in strategic software product development
for clients across many industries and product types.

Software Product Development

Meaningful and effective user experiences

Our combined experience has given us the opportunity to work with major brands such as, Lady M, Cannon Safe, Sotheby's International, NOW Insurance, and others to design products such as custom websites, applications, and other pieces of software that are both internally used and consumer facing. Our experiences and processes allow us to drive conversations, share ideas, analyze data, and recommend solutions to our clients on software product development. We are a team that loves engaging with other teams to conceptualize and productionize new software plans.

Our plan of action

Professional and experienced

When a client decides to work on a product design and development project with us, we often start off by assigning and briefing the necessary team members to the opportunity. This typically includes a dedicated account manager, lead product designer, and UX researcher. These three roles allow us to tackle several different objectives in parallel in order to understand your objectives, start creating deliverables, and form an overarching long term product roadmap.

Software Product Development