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Automated Software Testing

We provide tailored QA services to save companies time and resources, and increase customer satisfaction.

Automated Software Testing QA

Automate and augment your company existing QA and software development operations

Engineering outcomes

Investing in automation

Quality assurance is a critical part of a technology product’s success, and automated software testing tools are a highly effective way to increase testing coverage on a custom software product. The software that conducts automated testing not only runs programmed tests, which are highly efficient, but also compares the actual results with expected results and generates detailed reports about tests and key metrics, and allows development teams to understand if parts of an application are not working properly.

quality assurance engineer works on automated tests
Asymm meeting about outsourced automated QA development services

Advantages and strengths of automated software testing

Through the use of outsourced automated QA development, quality assurance teams can conduct software tests quickly and shorten software development lifecycles. Software releases become faster, and end up being of higher quality as a result of the implementation of automated testing. However, while automation testing can be highly useful, it is not a replacement for manual testing. Certain types of tests and applications need to be QA’d manually, and even the tests that can benefit from automation can still require human intervention in certain ways.

Ideal use cases

Tasks that require automation testing

A critical part of efficient quality assurance processes is leveraging the right type of testing for the appropriate use case and scenario. Automation testing should be used and matched accurately to the tasks that require automation and manual testing should run in parallel for the operations and tasks that aren’t easily automated. A good example of something that can be automated would be validations for certain fields in a form or payment processing process, while something that should remain manually tested would be responsive designs across device size for a web or native application.

Asymm automation testing engineer operations

Why Companies Need Outsourced Automated QA Development

Companies that come to our development team for help with automation testing or outsourced QA services usually have one or more of the following needs they hope to remedy

quality assurance engineers analyzing automated quality assurance results

Resource optimization

Reduce QA overhead with outsourcing

Quality assurance can take significant time, and companies that regularly develop software products need to reduce the time spent fixing bugs and releasing new features that cause painful functionality regressions. Having an experienced outsourced team solely dedicated to quality can help reduce the time and overhead needed to release new applications, versions and features. For example, regression testing takes up a large percentage of the overall testing time for a development team, and this is an area of QA that we often see outsourced to a specialized QA team.

Leverage our resources

Efficiency at scale

Because outsourced software testing can greatly reduce the time taken by a development team that also needs to also fill QA responsibilities, products are able to get to production much faster. Additionally, more tests can be run overall, and run during off-hours when human employees are not present resulting in overall increased quality control.

Asymm engineer running quality assurance tests
Asymm quality assurance team of professionals having a chat

Structuring success

Choosing the right team of professionals

Adequately experienced QA professionals can be hard to find and they can require large salaries. And with that being said, the cost of not hiring adequate QA staff for an application can be even higher, in terms of mistakes and bugs that lead to poor quality software releases and dissatisfied and churning customers. If companies outsource automated QA development, once properly set up, it can run large batches of tests with little risk, thus saving companies time and resources of payroll, ultimately resulting in benefits such as higher customer retention, increased team specialization, and organizational efficiencies. Higher quality software products with fewer bugs are the result.

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What is the Automated Software Testing Process?

An overview into the process of setting up automated testing solutions

Diverse applications

Automated testing range of possibilities

Most types of custom software applications can utilize automated testing in various ways. Different test cases require different types of tests, often requiring different testing frameworks, but generally most automated testing processes have the same structure and patterns that are used to set up and execute automated tests on a given project. These are the key stages in the testing process:

Asymm quality assurance professional defining the quality assurance process

A methodical process

The before and after of automated software testing

The testing process always begins with identifying the testing subjects, fields, and operations, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the application at hand. Once we have a good understanding of the project and its architecture, we can start researching designing the appropriate tests for the parts of the application that needs to be tested. There are several different types of automated testing solutions so, this part of the project and set up includes defining and benchmarking quality goals and objectives.

Moving forward

QA strategy and implementation

Once we’ve completed the first step of understanding, researching, and outlining the goals for improved software quality assurance, we can move on to developing and implementing the test scripts. Test tasks and objectives are broken up into those that should be automated and those that should be handled manually by a QA engineer. This process also includes defining success and failure cases, and the deliverables of each respective test. Once these concepts are defined, the right tool can be selected for each test.

software quality assurance developing and implementing tests

Automated Test Types to Meet Requirements

Types of quality assurance tools that help us with manual and automated software testing

What happens after testing

Performance review

The development framework will therefore determine which tool is often best for the project at hand. After testing, qualified QA developers can review the process to see that everything worked as intended. Test scripts can be saved and reused in the future, often at recurring intervals to ensure constant performance and functionality.

Asymm quality assurance engineer reviewing performace test

Automation Testing Within a QA Strategy

Defining when automation testing should and should not be used:

QA engineer understanding the results of a test

Intentional strategy

When companies outsource automated QA development, they should understand the thought process that goes into designing and strategizing the automation for different applications. Different test tools are suited better to some kinds of tests than for others.

Tedious and/or lengthy test cases Newly designed test cases
Repeatedly executed test cases Test cases that have requirements that are subject to frequent change
- Ad hoc test cases

Why Hire Asymm for Outsource Automated QA Development?

For companies seeking to outsource automated QA development services

Exceeding expectations

Extensive experience setting up and conducting automated tests

We focus on the client’s overarching product strategy and understand how to fit quality standards into their roadmap and organizational goals. We have the expertise to understand and advise our clients on comprehensive testing strategies and develop them accordingly. If you want to learn more about Outsourced automated QA development, schedule a call with us today.

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