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Mobile App Design

We help companies strategize, design, and deliver mobile applications to improve their user’s experience and digital offerings.

Mobile Application Design

Increase the reach of your business by providing a mobile app that your users can use at any time

Expanding businesses through reach and compatability

The mobile acceleration

Whether you’re a grocery store chain that wants to encourage your customer base to increase online purchases and deliveries, a content driven company, or a B2B services company with native application needs, mobile applications represent a proven and durable application type that users benefit from, use, and reuse for long periods of time. From mobile banking applications, to a mobile app that allows you to order coffee to pick up at your favorite cafe, mobile applications have specific use cases and are built with the intention to accelerate user actions and create recurring usage and transactions.

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Sustainable and recurring use

Mobile application design processes represent a different vertical of software design and development. They require an understanding of user analytics, user needs, and behavior in order to develop a product that has the necessary functionality and design system to convince a user on consumer to download and retain the mobile application on their phone for sustained and frequent use. We’re here to help our clients conceptualize and deliver mobile applications that are designed for sustained use and constant engagement.

Mobile App Design Services

Mobile design that drives customer success and retention

Features and functionality

Customized mobile applications

Mobile application (app) design services are at the core of what we do. We’re able to distill a client’s vision for a user’s experience and design it into a mobile application. Our mobile app design services encompass a breadth of services and processes we perform to ensure that we’re designing and delivering what our clients and their users need in terms of features, functionality, and performance.

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Our mobile app design services include:

Benchmarking and competitive analysis

We download similar applications and references that our client’s provide on what they like. We utilize these references and benchmarks for the foundation of research and to get a baseline understanding of similar application offerings. From there we categorize and rank features the mobile application contains and explain our findings to our clients.

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User experience research

Using other applications and references as a foundation, we undertake extensive user research to determine the precise functionality for an application and corresponding flows and progressions that a user feels comfortable with to make a purchase, attain data, or execute a decision on a native application.

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UX architecture

Using the results from the user research, we’re able to craft the information architecture and corresponding UX architecture for the mobile application. During this phase we often utilize user interviews, and other feedback generating processes to test hypotheses and design the appropriate UX flows.

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Mobile Wireframes

Once we’ve created low-fidelity wireframes that visually communicate the application’s functionality, we start to design the wireframes into high-fidelity mockups. Designing wireframes includes applying design system principles and elements to create a capturing and comfortable UI that users understand and navigate through seamlessly.

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Mobile design systems

We design mobile design systems, meaning the user interface (UI) components, features, iconography, fonts, color palettes, and other structural design elements that culminate into a natural and appropriate design system that is synergetic with a brand’s identity and overarching experience.

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Mobile user interface design

Mobile user interface design includes applying design system elements to wireframes and combining it with interactions and animations that are activated and precisely controlled as a user experiences the mobile application. A mobile user interface is designed with distinct design features and details that encourage specific user behavior and guide the user through intentional flows – using color, micro animations, and other design elements and methodologies to achieve user outcomes.

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Mobile application prototypes

Once we have a design system established and high fidelity mockups complete we’re able to create interactive mobile application prototypes for our clients. These prototypes allow our clients and their potential users to realistically flow through certain actions on the application and give feedback to a realistic user experience to the production version of the application.

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Strategy, requirements, and research

How we design mobile applications

Like most other software projects, we start with understanding the requirements and priorities of the client. We gather information about existing software architecture or API’s we might be utilizing, and review design systems or branding guides that might be in place for a company before we design and develop their mobile app. After we have a comprehensive understanding of existing architecture, requirements, design system and style guides, we start to develop wireframes and information architecture schemas for the application before starting our other mobile app design services.



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Mobile App Design Services - Why Asymm?

We help design what your users expect and want out of your business, on their phone

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A cohesive outcome

User experience at its best

We have a systematic approach to mobile app design and development with a strong emphasis on the user experience. Companies use Asymm for mobile app designs services because of our comprehensive design team and ability to create systems, features, information architecture, and interfaces for a breadth of application types for companies with different identities, audiences, tones, and personalities.

The outcome of our innovation

Adaptability and authenticity

As an agency with diverse experience with clients in varying industries, we’re adaptable to new projects that cater to new audiences. With research, interviews, references, and our affinity to learn new businesses, we become a partner in mobile app design and development for clients looking to launch native applications and other software applications for their users.

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Nearshore Mobile Application Development in Mexico

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