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Mobile development for Facilitron, an education technology company

Facilitron Inc.

About the company

Facilitron is a California-based company that provides software and services to public space operators like school districts and cities to help them schedule, lease and maintain their facilities and community spaces. Founded in 2015, Facilitron has grown to be one of the leading event-space management and maintenance platforms within the education technology industry. Facilitron’s cloud-based reservation platform, Facilitron S&R, simplifies the discovery, scheduling, and booking of all kinds of community facilities, while their cloud-based maintenance platform, Facilitron Works, streamlines maintenance operations for schools such as work order management, preventive maintenance, inspections, and inventory and cost management.


The challenge

Facilitron’s cloud-based maintenance platform, Facilitron Works, has broad functionality for many user types. In turn, Facilitron has developed a mobile app to support specific features and use cases such as time-tracking and work order fulfillment especially for maintenance technicians in the field. Asymm has been tasked with developing key features and enhancements to the Facilitron Works mobile application to support functionality for new user groups and to broaden the Works app’s compatibility with devices including tablets.

The process

Faciltron is a highly organized company with different operational units that tackle product development across their various applications. Asymm is directly involved in the development of new features for Facilitron’s “Works” mobile application that facilitates maintenance requests, time tracking, cost accounting, and other key features for schools and school districts that are managing maintenance and improvement across their campuses and facilities. Asymm started with the development of simple features for Facilitron including the addition of functionality to the version 2 mobile application.

The solutions


Facility Inspection Tool “FIT” mobile application features


“Works” Mobile application version 2.0 features: Timer epic and work order heat map charts


Improved responsiveness and compatibility for tablets


Quality assurance to help ensuring that the final product was meeting defined standards



.NET Core


React Native


Android Visual Studio


Lambda Test

Our impact

Since the inception of this project, Facilitron has effectively implemented and delivered innovative features and significantly amplifying accelerated product development by establishing robust processes from the outset and ensuring quality standards were met, for both customer and user expectations.