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Broker centric product design for tech driven insurance agency

NOW Insurance Inc.

About the company

Now Insurance provides liability coverage to a range of medical professionals and practitioners. Founded in 2018, NOW insurance is a digital managing general agency (MGA) that provides coverage through its digital broker portal and direct to consumer automated underwriting processes. Through its advanced underwriting capabilities, digitized policy management system, unique market position, and coverage options, NOW insurance has positioned itself as one of the leading medical Insurtechs in the industry - best known for its ability to write challenging classes of business by leveraging technology, data, and insights

The challenge

Asymm was hired to develop the NOW Brokers Portal, a web based application designed to empower brokers with a range of features and functionality. The challenge laid not only in creating designs for an advanced administrative and policy management platform but in consolidating workflows to a user experience that facilitated easier onboarding, quoting, and more. Our ultimate goal was to craft a comprehensive application that streamlined policy sign up and initiation for brokers and facilitated policy management, payment processing and billing, customer renewals, and more.

The process


Conduct a comprehensive analysis of existing broker centric processes and gather stakeholder input to formulate a detailed feature list for the NOW Brokers Portal.


Develop initial wireframes that visualize the user experience and flow of information across screens and sections of the application.


Iterate based on feedback from stakeholder interviews and broker guidance.


Establish an updated design system for NOW Insurance to ensure a consistent and visually appealing user interface (UI) and implement it across the wireframes in order to create high fidelity mockups. 


Collect feedback on high-fidelity mockups to ensure alignment with stakeholder expectations and the desired user experience.


Transform the refined mockups into digital prototypes for a more immersive and accurate assessment of the design. 






The solutions

Our collaboration on the NOW Brokers Portal resulted in the development of a web-based application for NOW Insurance’s affiliated brokers and agents. Embracing a widescreen-first approach, the design aimed to maximize usability and efficiency while providing a seamless experience for users accessing the portal on desktops or laptops. The key features that have been developed include:


Comprehensive policy management for brokers to seamlessly handle customer policies, generate and access quotes, track opportunities, and manage policy-related tasks all within the portal.


Real-time accurate insurance quoting and rate adjustment on the fly. The portal has the capability to record every generated quote for comparison.


Policy and deadline overview for brokers and agents to stay proactive in managing policies. The NOW Brokers Portal tracks both expired policies and upcoming deadlines.


The communication between brokers/agents and underwriters is fostered within the portal to exchange information, request data and policy changes, manage cancellations, and more.

Our impact

Through its user-friendly design and comprehensive feature set, the NOW Brokers Portal has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and the company’s product suite. New brokers have an easy onboarding process, and existing brokers and agents can now navigate policy management tasks with increased speed and precision, streamlining their workflows, while the portal's communication capabilities have fostered more effective collaboration with underwriters, enabling personalized and prompt customer experience.