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Helping a healthcare data science company scale with custom API development


About the company

Preverity, a healthcare data science company based in Nashville, Tennessee, provides advanced insights and risk data to its commercial clients that are reliant on quality data and risk assessments for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Preverity maintains one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical administrative transaction databases in the U.S, and leverages it for risk assessment through specialty-specific models in order to predict malpractice claims frequency for physicians and other professionals. To learn more about Preverity, you can check out their website here.

The challenge

Preverity typically serves data and risk insights to its clients through a number of analytical web-hosted dashboards. Preverity gives its clients access to these analytics dashboards to evaluate risk characteristics on professionals and professional groups that a client might be interested in (say a discrete group of physicians belonging to a hospital).

Many of their clients were looking to access granular data and incorporate it into their own workflows and processes for risk analysis, such as an insurance company looking to rate specific physicians based on granular data analysis. We collaborated with Preverity to build an advanced API on top of their enterprise data platform to enable their clients to access and request structured data from their API, opening the door for new types of clients, engagements, and offerings for Preverity.


The process


Understanding Preverity’s strategic and operational goals with developing an API for their customers


Analyzing Preverity’s existing data infrastructure, analytics platform, and comfortability with various cloud technologies


Outlining the pros and cons of different approaches to building an API with various architectures


Architecting a solution and estimating approximate costs and corresponding performance metrics


Development, deployment, and testing of our solution


The solution

Our custom software solution designed in collaboration with Preverity was to develop scalable API development solutions to enable Preverity to serve data programmatically to their clients looking to access and incorporate specific Preverity into their own workflows and applications.

We built Preverity’s API (v1) by leveraging several different amazon web service (AWS) technologies for an architecture that’s made for scale, security, and cost-efficiency. Using Virtual Private Clouds (VPC’s,) our architecture has built-in controlled access protection. We used AWS lambdas for their speed of delivery and their ability to serve a large number of simultaneous requests. A few of the other technologies we used to build Preverity’s API include API Gateway, AWS Aurora, and cloud formation templates to manage our infrastructure.







AWS lambdas


AWS Aurora


Cloud formation


AWS redshift


Asymm built our core API, allowing us to offer data to our customers seamlessley and efficently. Their software expertise allowed us to aquire a new customer and develop a new product on top of our data infastructure.

Scott Burklund, Chief Information Officer, Preverity

Our impact

With the development of Preverity’s API, Preverity was able to sign a new client in the insurance field. This new client was looking to integrate data into their underwriting flows and processes in order to rate physicians programmatically for medical malpractice liability insurance. Through the development of this API on top of their commercial data analytics platform, Preverity was able to offer this new client their modern solution and efficient process for accessing data through a controlled, secure, and performance API. Since our development of this project, Preverity has been able to offer a new product and highlight features, enabling it to market new data delivery methods to existing clients and potential customers alike.