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Environmental health and safety application design

North American Production Sharing

About the company

North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS) is a shelter company that specializes in outsourced administrative and compliance management services among other services to help manufacturing companies set up and operate successfully in Mexico. NAPS is committed to achieving the best standards in Environmental, Health and Safety in all its business activities and in all the regions where it operates, considering at all times a safe environment for its client’s workers and minimizing negative environmental risks and compliance and legal risks.

The challenge

The EHS department hired Asymm to develop a digital platform that allows them to optimize several key processes within the EHS department in coordination with their clients. These processes were carried out manually and include monitoring the status of permits and licenses and risks and dangers, in order to avoid operational and legal risks due to missing or out-of-date documents, among other threats and administrative mishaps related to documentation and environmental, health and safety organization.

The process


Document stakeholder processes and develop feature lists for the platform based on user needs and functionalities.


Identify the goals and objectives of the EHS platform and prioritize the specific features and functionalities required. Perform user research to understand more specific requirements, edge cases scenarios, and pain points of the target audience and stakeholders.


Create wireframes and iterate and refine them based on feedback and interviews from stakeholders and users. Design intuitive navigation and other key components of the platform. Convert these low-fi wireframes into medium fidelity wireframes.


Create a design system and apply it to the wireframes. Gather feedback on high fidelity mockups and convert them into digital prototypes to simulate user flows and interactions within the platform.








The solutions


Roles and responsibilities created for different levels of personnel in the EHS department.


Overview identification of expired permits or upcoming deadlines.


Real-time monitoring of permit compliance.


Centralized management and storage of permit-related documents.


Automatic triggered notifications for both clients and internal coordinators and managers


Automatic report generation of key KPI's and other metrics.


Standardized audit process and automatic report generation. Long term tracking capbailities and data analysis.

Our impact

With the design of the new platform, the permit management process for EHS has been streamlined, ensuring timely compliance and reducing the risk of sanctions or regulatory violations. The platform offers transparency and automation of the permit monitoring process and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of its management between the organization and its clients. Asymm also improve the internal processes and user experience by reducing manual effort for EHS coordinationrs furthermore minimizing errors and improving overall operational efficiency through automation and scalability.Overall, integrating UX principles and best design practices into the EHS platform results in a user-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive solution that promotes a culture of security, compliance, and continuous improvement within the organization.