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Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Reinforce your team with incredible nearshore talent

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Gain advantages by hiring top talent in a nearby country.

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Nearshore benefits

Advantages close to home

Nearshore staff augmentation is a type of software development outsourcing. Nearshore staff augmentation is an outsourcing operating model in which typically a U.S. based company hires a firm such as Asymm to recruit, hire, and manage software engineers based in latin america. Nearshore staff augmentation is a version of software outsourcing that best suits companies that like to manage projects themselves, but want to gain advantages with hiring top talent in another country.

Operating a proven model

Nearshore staff augmentation has become more popular in the last several years as a successful model for outsourcing, in large part because of the incredible talent pools across Latin America, namely Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and others. Bootcamps, specialized web development schools, universities, and other institutions are growing rapidly as the demand for software skills and engineers bolsters this developing market and talent pool throughout the Lat-am region.

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A new type of outsourcing

Focused on collaboration

Nearshore software augmentation is a great alternative to the traditional software outsourcing model. Traditional software development outsourcing usually means utilizing offshore developers (on a different continent) to deliver a finished product with little oversight and management. Many companies that have tried this traditional offshore software outsourcing have had issues with communication, clarity of requirements, quality, and other aspects essential to developing a successful software product. Nearshore staff augmentation solves this problem through a close collaboration model where clients are involved in day-to-day product and project management.

The Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Nearshore staff augmentation is an evolved version of the outsourced software development model for a number of reasons – It allows companies based in the United States to leverage nearshore talent and retain management capabilities. Here are a few of the key benefits.

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Resources and team members

Leveraging Nearshore Staff Augmentation Effectively

It’s important to note that nearshore staff augmentation has many advantages, but isn’t right for every company and team.

For nearshore staff augmentation to work effectively and efficiently, it’s important for the client to have certain resources available and team members in place. Because nearshore staff augmentation is light on the management side but heavy on the skill-set site, making it a more affordable option than traditional project outsourcing, the client that is best suited to effectively benefit from nearshore staff augmentation should have a highly competent technical project management team or manager in place. If this isn't the case, Asymm can provide the necessary technical managers and oversight to handle projects more comprehensively.

What are Asymm’s Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services?

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Nearshore strategy and planning

Asymm can help companies of most sizes develop and strategize on how to best utilize and implement nearshore staff augmentation. To do this effectively, we encourage our clients to explain to us, in depth, their technology roadmap, requirements, team structures, and other parts of important information that will allow us to understand how nearshore staff augmentation can best fit into their organization.

Nearshore team modeling and fulfillment

Once our team feels comfortable and has an understanding of your business model, organizational structure, and technology needs, we can start with our recommendations and craft a strategic proposal on how we best see nearshore staffing augmentation to fit your business and software development needs. This phase can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on how large and complex your organizational and technological needs are.

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Outsourced experience

Why use Asymm for Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Asymm’s experience spans several long term development and strategic relationships with companies based in the U.S looking to leverage software talent in Mexico either for nearshore staff augmentation or to outsource finished software products to us, in-house.