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Web Applications are some of the most useful and common software products a custom software development company can develop, whether its intended use is for an internal business function, or for external customer use and monetization. As a company that specializes in web application development services, we’re able to help clients plan, design, develop, and deploy advanced web based applications.

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Building web applications

Architecture and APIs

The process of creating and developing a new web application involves a considerable amount of time and experience depending on the complexity, functionality, and scale of the application. Web applications can be developed using several different types of architectures. Most notably, web applications are built with an API based architecture, or by incorporating microservices architecture.

How do Web Applications Work?

Web applications generally consist of a front-end and a back-end.

Why a web application

Web Applications Explained

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How they work

An example of a front-end application would be the part of Expedia, the travel booking application. On the front-end a user is able to enter data into various fields such as dates of travel, preferred method of transportation, whether they want a hotel, etc.

The backend then uses the user-inputted data to retrieve more data and information that the user wants to see - flights, prices, times, airports, and all the other details a traveler wants to know in order to book their itinerary.

Backend solutions

The backend of this example application connects to other platforms and APIs (application programming interfaces) to retrieve certain data fields to show to the user such as their desired flight times, and travel itineraries.

This backend is also responsible for performing any necessary calculations, logic, and other functions in order to serve the user the exact data fields and information that they're looking for. To learn more about specific back-end functionality and solutions, read more about it here.

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Web apps vs. websites

Web applications are often confused with websites, but they’re usually much more complex and custom developed to provide functionality to users that need to perform specific requests. A few good examples of common web application use cases are:

Asymm's modern web application development includes an up to date technology stack

Our tech stack

Modern web application development can be developed with several modern technology stacks consisting of languages, frameworks, libraries, and other boilerplate code that is produced by open source communities. A few examples of technologies that we use to build web applications are:

Ruby on Rails React.Js
Node.Js Vue.Js
Python using Flask Next.Js
PHP using Laravel Typescript
Java Html/Css

How to start developing a web application

Web application development is a true team sport. To start web application development successfully there are a few roles and responsibilities that are critical to have on your team.

Depending on the size, complexity, and scope of the web application, some of these roles can be combined. For example, depending on your team's skill set, a software development team can also absorb QA and Devops responsibilities.

Asymm development engineers starting the development of a web application

Web Application Development Factors

To start thinking about the product you might want to develop, a few really important things to cover and questions to answer are the following:

Asymm software development team members talking about web app features

User base

How big do you think your user base will be now, 2 years from now, five years from now and so on?


What are the core pieces of functionality and core feature sets?


Are you okay with developing a MVP with several core features, or do you need the app to be released with everything at once?

Once you’ve started leaning in the direction of starting web application development, a few of the most important principles to developing a strong product are the following:

20% of the features should meet 80% of users needs.

It should be responsive and users can access the application on the devices they commonly use.

It launches fast, and stays fast as your user base grows.

It’s tested and secure against the most common types of hacks and attacks.

Your users are satisfied and spend the expected amount of time using the application.

Your app should launch relatively bug free and be easy to maintain and add features to as time goes on.

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A strategic investment

Why Develop a Web Application?

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Functional and scalable

Investing in web application development services can be a hard decision to make. Generally they are significantly more expensive than a simple website, and involve more time and effort than an out of the box solution. But with this investment, you’re able to create something with far more functionality than a wordpress website or low code/ no code solution, for example.

Developed for users

Most of our clients that have developed custom web applications have started off with more rudimentary solutions and outgrew them. A few signs that might indicate that it is time to invest in a custom web application are that your users are feeling restricted by your current solutions functionality, performance, and ability to scale.

Software engineers talking about web application functionalities
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Grow with custom development and integrations

For example, many companies have websites with client portals or sections of the site that enable users to log-in and read certain data or information relevant to their account or relationship with that business. While some of this functionality might exist out of the box, it’s usually restrictive and user’s aren’t able to make complicated requests such as unique payment processing, complex data retrieval, etc.

Take the First Step

Here’s a few examples of reasons you might want to invest in developing a web application: