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Maximizing monetization through mobile UI/UX design


About the company

Cached is a platform that facilitates the exchange of consumer data between individuals and businesses seeking authorized, identity-verified leads. Cached helps consumers take control of their data through the buying and selling of their information, since they have control of who has access to their information and thus receive payments for it. The ultimate goal of Cached is for customer information to be safe and secure and for users to benefit from the monetization of their information.

The challenge

Cached app is designed to match the demands of their clients with the preferences and information that consumers are willing to disclose. In order to optimize the user experience and user interface, we face the challenge of striking a balance between ensuring user trust, privacy, and transparency while maximizing the value derived from client data. We designed the mobile application to enhance our client’s UX/UI to deliver a seamless and engaging experience that aligns with Cached monetization goals.

The process


Analyze the existing app to gain insights into its user experience, and understand pain points to identify areas for improvement.


Define goals aligning UX with business requirements, and optimize the app's flow for a seamless user experience.


Define a visually appealing design that aligns with the app's branding and target audience.


Create high-fidelity mockups that incorporate visual elements, typography, color schemes, and iconography.


Ensure visual consistency across all screens, maintaining a visually appealing and cohesive user interface.


Gather feedback on the app's usability, intuitiveness, and overall user experience.

The solution

Cached app underwent a comprehensive UX/UI redesign process, focusing on enhancing user experience, privacy and maximizing monetization potential. The enhanced user experience included the app's intuitiveness, engagement, and ease of use. By prioritizing user needs, incorporating best design practices, and leveraging iterative feedback, the UX/UI redesign of Cached successfully transformed the app into a monetization platform that delivered an enhanced user experience while maximizing revenue potential.







After Effects

Our impact

Through a focus on user-centric design, transparent data practices, and captivating visual aesthetics, the redesign of Cached has successfully transformed the app into a user-friendly platform that optimizes monetization potential. With iterative refinement and ongoing optimization, the app strikes a harmonious balance between user experience and business objectives, leading to heightened user satisfaction and amplified monetization success.