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Digital product design

We align to strategic goals to transform an idea to a functional and effective product.


Software Product Design

Software product design is the process of understanding and creating visual and informative assets for a software development team

The first step of a successful outcome

What is software product design

Software design such as wireframes, mockups, feature maps, and guides help a development team execute a project according to strategic goals and specified features and functionality. Developing a well-built software project can be cumbersome and resource intensive; features have to be described, acceptance criteria set, etc. Product design is one of the most effective ways to align stakeholders, communicate expected feature behavior, and visually create acceptance criteria for a development team.

product design and development services
product design and development services

Consolidating our professionals effort

Where design and development meet

Typically, front-end developers bear the responsibility of turning designs into functional applications. Software product design differs from software product development in that design is the creative and analytical aesthetic process while product development is the strategic process that outlines the software product’s goals, uses, and functionality. However, here at Asymm there is significant overlap between the two processes and what they yield to our customers.

Why would a company need product design services?

Companies that approach Asymm for software product design services usually fall into one of the three categories:

product design and development services

For companies with projects in progress

A company that has already decided on what type of application they want to develop. They know the core functionality the application needs to offer but they haven’t designed all the screens, components, and features. This type of company profile wants help with designing their concept product and engineering it to exact specifications.

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product design and development services

For companies with an idea to develop

A company that has an idea for a software product but is looking for advice and guidance on what type of application will create the best user experience for their customers. They have ideas about the core functionality but haven’t created wireframes or acceptance criteria for the product yet.

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product design and development services

For companies looking to improve existing projects

A company that has an existing product that they want to either redesign or add features, functionality, and new design to.

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Elegant solutions

Why should you partner with Asymm

Here at Asymm we enjoy helping these types of companies develop their strategic and operational plans to bring a custom software product to life through or enhance an existing software product through our design services.

product design and development services
product design and development services

Understanding requirements

A key driver to clarify user processes and flows

Product Design usually starts with creating assets that look far from what the finished product will. After our team understands requirements, features and functionality, and existing user data and demographics, we start to create the most basic deliverable in the design process, wireframes. Wireframes outline features and visually communicate functionality to both stakeholders and developers.

The importance of wireframes

Features and process definition

Wireframes align the product team and development team by precisely communicating exactly what a piece of an application will behave like, but not look like. It’s important to note that wireframes are more of an informative piece of the design process and do not actually contain design aspects themselves. Wireframes can be thought of as instructions or a blueprint for a software product that is not yet in the beautification, or UI (user interface design phase).

product design and development services

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What to expect

Critical deliverables of product design

Wireframes are essential for outlining the user experience from a functional perspective and communicating to the development team what they will need to build on the backend to support this user experience. But there’s more to software product design than wireframes. Other critical deliverables that we create as part of our product design services and process include:

product design and development services

The handoff process

Transition from aesthetic to functional

Our deliverables are prepared for an efficient design to development handoff, meaning that our development team has access to our design resources for efficient workflows and can communicate with our product design team to resolve any doubts, questions, or challenges identified during the software development phase.

So why use Asymm for product design

Here at Asymm, we have significant experience taking new software from idea to production

Concept to Product

A tailored experience based on solid research

Our Product managers and design team are experienced in modern aesthetics, trained with best practices, and are extremely detail oriented. We focus on both the functionality and features a product needs to have, but also spend tremendous time and effort understanding your users and tailoring the design of a product to fit their expected user experience. Whether it’s a website, mobile application, or other piece of custom software, we want your users to feel comfortable and confident using your product - and to come back for more.

product design and development services
Reasons why Asymm makes a great partner in product design & development: