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How does Asymm provide standout software product design and development services?

Ari Lew  |  Oct 13, 2023  |  

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Since founding Asymm, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing our small team grow and flourish. Now, we count on the broad skills of an incredible mix of software researchers, designers, and engineers. 

I am extremely proud of our team, whether it’s those who work on product development and design in-house or our extended nearshore network. Recently, I’ve been thinking about what it is about the team that makes them stand out. 

So, I began looking back at some of the projects that we have worked on over the past few years, trying to find similarities, because no two projects are the same when you’re in the business of developing custom software solutions. 

No matter the industry, company size, or required software, our team’s versatility and expertise has allowed them to produce an excellent, tailored product each time that meets our clients’ needs.


What kinds of projects has our team worked on? 

The variety of our projects not only keeps our work interesting, but also allows our team to gain invaluable insights into broad business contexts, such as B2C mobile apps, B2B SaaS products, internal software tools, and more.


A range of organization sizes, industries, and types

Our team has had the opportunity to work with large companies and smaller organizations across a spectrum of industries. Let me give you a few examples.



One company that contracted our project development team was Previty, a healthcare data science company that maintains one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical administrative transaction databases in the U.S.

Previty specializes in generating risk-based insights and data to help develop quality assessments for healthcare professionals. The company serves commercial clients, who access the insights through analytical web-hosted dashboards.

However, many clients were interested in gaining access to more granular data for further risk-based workflows. To offer these advanced features, Previty required a custom API as well as their enterprise data platform.

Our team at Asymm was able to develop a custom software solution that directly led to Previty signing a new client in the insurance field – and offering new product and highlight features for current and prospective clients moving forward.



Now, compare this with our work for YoungArts, a platform that brings together a community of award-winning youth artists to explore their creative potential. The platform had been left for a while without maintenance, meaning that there was built up maintenance and necessary upgrades that needed to be taken care of.

Asymm came in to upgrade the platform’s front-end libraries – moving their front-end framework from Vue 2 to Vue 3 – to ensure better performance and facilitate easier development initiatives in the future. 

These two projects couldn’t have been more different, whether you look at it in terms of scope, organization size, or the institutions’ missions. To ensure the success of each, our team couldn’t rely on the same one-size-fits-all blueprint. Instead, they had to delve into the specific requirements to deliver tailored solutions.

This approach is the same whether we’re working with the insurance sector, an education technology company based in California, or a bakery based in New York. The challenges may be unique, but our team always delivers and works with our clients’ teams to appropriately size up the necessary team or solution they might need.


The benefits of working with an agency like Asymm

I believe that working with a custom design and development service provider with broad expertise leads to a superior product. What’s more, I believe that this is true across the board, from inception to launch to ongoing performance. There are a few reasons for this.


1. Quality standards

Working with a company that can engineer a software product to your specifications gives you more room for input at various stages. This means you have greater control over the quality of the product. 

Quality Assurance initiatives are a vital part of the development process and are subject to extensive analysis and reviews. This is unsurprising given the role the initiatives play in a product development context. When our designers and developers have full control over the creation of the product, they can carry out QA tests or identify flaws as the project progresses. 

A great example of this was the team’s work with NOW Insurance. This insurance startup is focused on the medical professional liability vertical and had specific feature requirements for their platform that are specific to their customer profile and preferred UX. 

By bringing Asymm in so early on, NOW was able to develop and deploy new features for their platform over a number of years. This allowed us to incorporate ongoing QA procedures to ensure the platform remains robust for years to come.


2. Lowers costs

Not only does a comprehensive QA approach result in a stronger product, but it can also lead to cost savings particularly when it comes to long-term maintenance. Taking a structured approach to software design that builds in quality means there is less likely to be any costly redesigns needed later on. 

Software, built to an organization’s specifications, should have room for growth so it can scale with the organization. For example, with the YoungArts project mentioned above, the team made sure that the updates made to the platform weren’t done in isolation, but also made ongoing development goals more attainable.


3. Drives innovation

Every business needs some type of software these days to operate and remain efficient. Companies have a wide variety of options when shopping for platforms and packages to either rent, build on top of, license, and more. 

Except, not all software is made the same; even if you use a well-known platform, chances are that you’ll want some features that are simply not in the product’s road map or aren’t going to be offered anytime soon. This is one of the core benefits of building software for yourself – you own it, it’s tailored towards your users, and you can customize it, integrate with it, and even scale, and sell it if it’s needed by others. 

This is something I love about custom software design and I enjoy seeing how our team is able to think a project through from the root problem to future needs. In every instance, the team is challenged to innovate by integrating both new tools and data capabilities. Whether the goal is to increase visitors’ experience on a website, improve internal efficiency, or inspire in-app signups, there is always a strong element of driving innovation.

This was the case with Cannon, a large safe manufacturer and distributor. When the company came to us, it became clear that they needed specific features and a standard e-commerce website wouldn’t be enough. As their products are available through retailers, the team had to adopt an innovative approach to increase visitors’ product knowledge on the website while also directing them to nearby physical stores.


4. Competitive Advantage

Finally, when you add up all of the above benefits, it amounts to a distinct competitive advantage over other software development companies. And the advantage comes in the form of us being nimble and dynamic to handle the unique needs of a company whether that may be nearshore mobile app development, custom web application development, or nearshore staff augmentation. 

By delivering products and services that are high quality, cost-effective, and innovative, the companies and organizations we work with have a development partner that works for them and gets better over time as they continue to refine and invest in their proprietary software product and grow with their extended team.


Considering working with Asymm?

When I say that variety makes our team stand out here at Asymm, it’s because it gives us the opportunity to truly specialize in our niche – custom software development and design. 

Our speciality is in our ability to develop tailored solutions for any company or organization that can’t find a solution that fits their needs. The more I work with diverse companies, the more I am convinced that variety is the key to personalization.

If you would like a product and can’t find anything suitable on the market, please schedule a call with us today. 

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Written by Ari Lew

Ari is the Ceo and Co-founder of Asymm. With a passion for product design and media, Ari oversees the UX/UI practice at Asymm and leads client success at the company.