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Upgrading software for YoungArts, Miami based non-profit organization

Young Arts

About the organization

YoungArts, or The National Foundation for the Advancement of Arts, is an American Charity established in 1981. The National Foundation for the Advancement of Arts supports the development and growth of artists through sponsorship, mentorship, and financial opportunities. Every year thousands of artists in various fields such as performing arts, apply to YoungArts through a national competition for presidential scholarships. Through its competition and scholarships YoungArts creates a distinguished community of talented artists, enabling them to access creative and professional development and funding opportunities, but moreover to become part of an established community that helps artists connect, create and collaborate through its network and resources.

The platform

The YoungArts application “Post” was created to support the growing community of YoungArts artists. YoungArts Post is a free, private, online platform for award winners to connect, share their work and discover new opportunities. Post provides access to applications for residencies, grants, performance and exhibition opportunities, temporary program work, and targeted offerings from YoungArts’ cultural partners. Through Post, YoungArts is able to constantly build and engage their artistic community through artist development, opportunities, and collaboration.











The challenge

YoungArts supports its community of thousands of artists with their digital platform designed and developed to foster collaboration between artists. With features like job posts, news updates, blogs, and more, YoungArts supports the communication and collaboration between artists that are looking to network and find opportunities within their domain. After developing and maintaining their platform for several years, YoungArts was looking to partner with a software development agency to perform necessary upkeep and maintenance on the platform to ensure that it’s kept operational for the years to come while supporting existing artists and onboarding new ones alike. To upgrade and maintain the YoungArts application, Asymm was asked to provide custom software solutions that can upgrade the platform's front-end libraries from Vue 2 to Vue 3 thereby taking strain off the YoungArts team and paving the way for easier development in the future.

The process


Understanding YoungArts Post application infrastructure and goals with routine maintenance and upgrades.


Forecast potential challenges within upgrades by analyzing support for various libraries, features, and functionality.


Setting up the project to evaluate potential problems and solutions with the upgrade.


Executing the framework upgrade, deploying the upgrades and changes to the staging environment for quality assurance checks.


Testing the staging environment and all impacted features and functionality to quality standards and ensure client and user satisfaction.

Our impact

Software maintenance and upgrades often get kicked down the road and neglected . Whether maintenance is put off because of a lack of resources or availability, maintenance left unchecked can result in broken features, security issues, and downstream headaches through accumulated technical debt. With our Vue 2 to Vue 3 upgrade, YoungArt’s Post is now upgraded, and ready for easier future development and less recurring maintenance. With this being one of their larger items on their 2022 to-do list for development, the YoungArts team can now shift their focus to other development priorities and objectives.