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Software development company San Diego

Ari Lew  |  Jan 3, 2023  |  

Software development company San Diego 

Developing solutions with Asymm, a nearshore technology company


As a former software engineer of 7 years, I identified a variety of problems that businesses and startups were facing with their technology and teams.  After understanding these issues, I co-founded a San Diego based software development company.  The driving mission behind our development company is a deep desire to develop a sustainable software development services business that solves the following problems we saw in the larger technology and digital consulting ecosystem. 

  • A shortage of high quality developers domestically and an inability for companies to develop agile team structures to take advantage of nearshore talent. 
  • Slow Product roadmap acceleration for larger companies that are looking to innovate and bring new software to production quickly. 
  • A lack of turn-key nearshore software development resources to augment existing teams with reliable management.

I had unique insight into these problems having worked at both large and small technology firms, namely SalesForce in San Francisco and a digital consulting firm based in New York. After several months of research and learning the local engineering and talent landscape, we decided to start recruiting in Guadalajara as we looked for our first client and software development project. We focussed on core engineering projects for web-based products during our beginning stages of the company to understand the operating costs, benefits, and challenges of developing products remotely, with our development team based in Mexico. 

Software development company San Diego

Our nearshore technology services model and our nearshore staff augmentation model allows our clients to identify what type of operation best fits their needs, organizational structure, and product development goals. As a software development company based in San Diego, California, we’re able to travel frequently to work with our teams and closely fit our client’s development needs with the appropriate personnel. 

We’ve found that companies in the U.S. can operate comfortably and efficiently by shifting or augmenting their engineering teams with developers based in Mexico. Our nearshore teams operate on the same or similar timezone as our clients seamlessly integrate into their teams when using the staff augmentation model. Our developers frequently join standups, and even take on lead engineering roles for our clients products, in some cases. 

“Guadalajara is home to a phenomenal tech ecosystem- often being called the Silicon Valley of Mexico. Several large tech companies have satellite offices in Guadalajara for commercial scale engineering projects, such as Oracle and HP. “

As a Software development company in San Diego, with operations throughout Mexico, we structure services and development teams for client’s looking to leverage and utilize nearshore software developers throughout Mexico to build technology products. We help clients understand skill sets, fit appropriate personnel with projects and have the capabilities and skills to also take entire projects from start to finish. Our past and current projects and clients are quite diverse, ranging in programming languages, and functionality. We’ve built systems and applications for companies in the food production and retail industry, a company in the home security industry, and a company in the insurance industry - really showing that a good software design and development team should be dynamic and have the ability to learn new products quickly and understand the nuances of different businesses and their users to craft effective digital products and experiences. Our services and solutions are quite diverse and span nearshore mobile app development in Mexico to nearshore staff augmentation for a company that’s looking to expand their team and accelerate their roadmap. 

As a technology company with broad experience across product types and businesses, we have our technological preferences, but we also enjoy new challenges and accommodating clients' needs with different technologies, workflows, and software types. As the CTO of Asymm, my job is to work with our clients on software architectural problems and challenges, manage our engineering teams, and oversee the creation of new products.

Contact us to learn more about our projects and how we can help your company design and develop custom solutions for unique and challenging business use cases. 

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Written by Ari Lew

Ari is the Ceo and Co-founder of Asymm. With a passion for product design and media, Ari oversees the UX/UI practice at Asymm and leads client success at the company.